Thursday, February 28, 2019

Live Simply ♥️

It takes a little bit of courage to do a Boudoir Shoot. I will say it's one of those things that until you do it, you just don't know how empowering it can be. I offer it all the time and I get just about every excuse in the book. I will just let you know that there is no reason to wait. The time is NOW.  

When the decision is made and it actually happens there are no regrets. Instead, I get things like... "I should have decided to do this a while ago" "What was I waiting for" "I can't believe that's me" 

I Love doing Boudoir Shoots, it's one of my faves. It's something about the look and joy on the clients face or the "WEEEPPPPAA who is That"  that I sometimes get. I get to say this is YOU in a way that you can't possibly see yourself in the mirror.  The feeling that I get from encouraging women and making them feel the very best is actually encouraging me at the very same time.  Here are a few images from a recent shoot, it was 3 years in the waiting but finally came to pass. 

Live Simply 
Love Generously 
Learn Constantly

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Other Side...

If you know me, you know I am a glamour girl.  I Live for it! So on occasion I like to get my photos done too. It's a somewhat difficult task, not because my friends aren't great Photographers, But because I am not the one looking through the lens.  I can give anyone the tools I have and teach anyone how to control my camera. What I can Not give them is my point of view. It's just not possible and that is how it works. While posing I might have an image in my head and the photographer something completely different. In the end it usually works out even though it's a lot of hard work being on the other side.  The Most important part I think, is that the person being photographed is as comfortable as possible. 

There is usually a whole lot of clowning around, taking selfies like I don't have a professional camera in front of me, but also a whole lot of Love. I apologize for being difficult to anyone that has had to photograph me ;) 

Here's a few of the results..
 The Clowning Around..
The Snapchat Selfie with filter is a must! 

Then there is the One Image that Rocks and Makes me feel amazing :) It was totally the purpose of this shoot, since this Birthday was #Fiercely 46 

Thanks to Igdalia Medina Photography for putting up with a difficult client :) Love You!!! ♥️